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Motibhai Group Strengthens Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with CSR Project in Northern Division

The Motibhai Group, a renowned organization with a rich history of community engagement and social responsibility, reaffirmed its dedication to making a positive impact by undertaking another noteworthy Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative just after their Nadi staff engaged in a clean-up campaign with 50 of their staff at Wailoaloa Beach. The initiative saw the Motibhai Labasa staff coming together to support the Golden Age Home in the Northern Division.

On Saturday, August 19th, the Motibhai Labasa team demonstrated their commitment to creating a better and more inclusive society by volunteering their time and efforts at the Golden Age Home. The staff engaged in cleaning and washing activities, contributing to the upkeep and maintenance of the facility that serves as a home for senior citizens.

Mr. Raman Goundar, the Branch Manager of Motibhai Labasa, emphasized the importance of collaboration and collective action in fostering a compassionate and supportive society. He stated, “as a nation, it is imperative that we continue to embrace the spirit of collaboration, especially when it comes to the inclusion, protection, healthy aging, and provision of enabling environments for our elders. This CSR project reflects our dedication to this cause.”

The Motibhai Group has consistently demonstrated its commitment to its corporate social responsibility by actively engaging in projects that address various social issues and contribute positively to the community. The group’s involvement in initiatives like the one at the Golden Age Home highlights their dedication to uplifting the lives of those in need.

The Golden Age Home provides vital care and companionship to senior citizens, and the support provided by the Motibhai Labasa staff goes a long way in ensuring the well-being and comfort of the residents. The CSR project not only brought practical assistance but also showcased the Group’s values of empathy and responsibility towards the elderly members of the community.

Group Manager People and Culture, Sanjay Kumar says Motibhai Group continues to be an exemplary role model in the corporate sector, demonstrating that successful business practices can go hand in hand with social consciousness. Through its consistent efforts, the Group continues to reinforce the idea that collaboration and compassion can significantly impact society’s overall well-being.